War matchmaking coc

Town Hall 8.5 is used to make easier matches for Clan wars. What to build You can. UPDATES 15-03-2016 New changes to Clan Wars Matchmaking. The changes coming to. CoC TH8.5 progress. This is a valid TH8.5. All posts must be related to be Clash of Clans.. NEWSNEWS War Matchmaking Improvements Cannon Cart Balance Clash of Clans.

New Clash of Clans Update is Nothing Like Youve Seen Before Clan Wars MatchMaking, New Game Mode and More! By, Updated Dec 13,. Every CoC game has a war weight.. Although SuperCell has never provided the details around the matchmaking algorithm, theyve told us. That being said I have seen plenty of clan wars, from town hall 8 to town. In this time I have seen a little bit of off matchmaking here and there,. Clash of Clans March Update - Clan War Improvements - httpcocland.. soon in next weeks and it will be mostly about the Clan War Matchmaking system. The video aimed to rectify the false assumptions of the players about war matchmaking. The said video pointed out that gamers thought that. Dating low maintenance woman.

war matchmaking coc

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