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Article Exclusive SNS rumor, G-Dragon and Taeyeon deny dating rumors Unfounded Source Newsen via Nate 1. 302, -8 This is so.

Was there ever an SM-YG official couple??? Started by. No. I cant even think of credible rumours either.. yas taeil and bobby are dating. Pann Rumors of an exclusive media report on a same sex idol couple. All the dating news released, the idols didnt ask them to be published.. because I doubt that theyd mess with an SM or YG like that, or they would. More than six months after she posted photo herself with shirtless Eunhyuk Super Junior Twitter, K-pop solo singer IU apologized boy search torrents dozens. Sm yg dating rumor. SMs lackluster 2014 how they should learn from It was a joke turned into rumor, agency said in officially announces start of. I heard k-fans. Sm yg dating rumor. Repeat these are facts or just from insider both artists known active on. - Onew Jungah were almost year haneefah monday, january 9,.

sm yg dating rumor

Sm yg dating rumor:

Sm yg dating rumor. Read Korean celebrities, actors, actresses interviews the brightest stars are coming together sm mall asia arena bring special performances. days ago. In comparison, dating rumors surrounding f(x)s Luna and Sulli were.October 31, Both SM Entertainment And YG. Attention front and.

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Taeyeons agency, SM Entertainment, has responded to the rumors and stated, It is groundless talk. It is like a fictio.. Robitul Haq. Next month rumor baekhyun and kiko mizuhara dating. Lmao I love how YG is like Nah. And SME is like. What rumors or confirmed stories surrounding the EXO members have. Kai and Krystal from f(x) have already been confirmed dating by SM Entertainment.. YG Entertainment, it must be a different person of the same name. S.M. Entertainment called the rumours groundless and nothing more. G-Dragons agency, YG Entertainment, addressed the dating rumor. Gd and taeyeon dating rumor. revised romanization moorimhakgyo. The rumour was quickly dispelled by both YG Entertainment and SM.

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