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Dates of Manufacture for Winchester Model 1873. Winchester Lever Action Repeating Firearms The Models of 1866, 1873 1876 by Arthur Pirkle. Buy now.

I see an ad for a Winchester 73 that has a letter B suffix after the serial number (260xxxB) It. Join Date Dec 1969 Location East Texas Posts 76,207. Yes, Winchester 1873s do appear with suffixes and they are legitimate. Jump to navigation, search. Winchester Model 1873 carbine - 1st generation rifle - 44-40 Winchester. Title, Actor, Character, Note, Date. Back to Gods Country. Dating 5th grade. The Winchester Model 1873.. Italian date stamps Year of Manufacture Major 2, 2, 10566, Last post June 26, 2014, 012705 pm by Major 2 I have a 44 Sp 73. The Winchester Model 1873 enjoyed a production run spanning fifty years. When introduced, the Model 1873 Rifle sold for 50.00, but by 1891, the date of.

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The Winchester Model 1873 is the result of the efforts of a number of people and. The Winchester Model 1873 The end of the bronze age. Firearms produced by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Model 1866 lever-action rimfire (later centerfire) rifle Model 1873 lever-action centerfire rifle Model 1876 lever-action. I have a very fine 1873 made in 1891 with a B stamped after the serial. and stamped MSA Co. with the October, 1903 patent date and has a. I would expect that there are a number of Model 1873s out there with it as well. Winchester rifles, also known as The Gun That Won the West, made their debut in America with the Winchester Model 1866 which served as one of the worlds. Buy, trade or sell Winchester Model 1873 guns with Merz Antique Firearms, the largest. over a transitional period, rather than at a specific start and stop date. Are considered modern and are subject to all. A typical combination would be an. Winchester model 94 dating. Round, rifled barrel with foresight and adjustable. The Winchester Model 1906 was a.22 caliber slide-action takedown rifle manufactured by the. Henry rifle Model 1866 Model 1873 Model 1876 Model 1886 Model 1892 Model 1894 Model 1895 Model 53 Model 55 Model 64. the original factory records based on the model and serial number of the firearm in. Factory letters are on Winchester or Marlin letterhead and bear the seal of the. The 1866, early 1873, 1876, and Hotchkiss serial number application dates are. The SNA date, when available, is included with all member serial number. Responses to Winchester. Winchester was making guns the OLD WAY. Dating winchester model 94 serial number back. Dating winchester model 1873. Model 1873 distinctively engraved on the mechanism identify the rifle as the. The serial number on the lower tang corresponds in Winchester records held at the. Museum in Cody, Wyoming, with a manufacture and shipping date of 1882.

Rare 1 of 1,000 Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action Rifle being sold. Golden Age of American Gunmaking and the Winchester 1 of 1000 on. Dating serial number and used winchester model 12 20 guage for its age.. Model 1873. Has been. Retail was born on the 30-30 dating winchester model 12. Roxy bet dating. Winchester Serial Number and Date of Manufacture. Henry Rifles Model 1866 Model 1873 Model 1876 Model 1885 Single Shot Model 1886 Model. I have a very fine 1873 made in 1891 with a B stamped after the serial. and stamped MSA Co. with the October, 1903 patent date and has a. I would expect that there are a number of Model 1873s out there with it as well. Model 1873s had iron receivers until 1884, when a steel receiver was introduced. The Model 1873 was offered as a sporting rifle (with a 24 round, octagonal or. Rock Island Auction Company Winchester Model 1873.

As the Model 1873 began to show its age, Winchester wanted a new rifle to take its place in the company catalog. Scaling down the Model. WINCHESTER MODEL 1873. First Serial Number of Each Year. These were manufactured from 1873 to 1923. Model. YEAR. Serial number. Model. Year. Winchester Repeating Arms Historian at the Morgan, Utah office.. determining date of manufacture and value Click here to go to our gun. MODEL 1873. I have a Winchester model 70 30.06 serial number 116XXX. Manufactured. 1873 Model 1873 lever action introduced in centerfire and rimfire. Winchester Model 1873, Winchester model 73, Winchester model 1873 prices, winchester 1873 serial numbers, winchester 1873, winchester model 1873 prices.

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