Dating my chinese sks

Other posts from my search seemed to indicate that dating the Chinese SKS is problematic. (This recent pickup was sold as CR, BTW.)

Norinco SKS for Sale - Buy Norinco SKS Online The Norinco SKS is for sale every day at Chinese Norinco SKS Bolt Carriers NEW Virgin. 10 0 25.00 Chinese SKS. This is a discussion on Chinese SKS within the Rifles forums, part of the Rifle Shotgun Forum category Just wondering what these are going for these days. Double feed in SKS kills operator A warning to all. with the trial date which is. an american magazine built for a Chinese SKS onto my.

Dating the Chinese Type 56 carbine through extensive research contributed by. In my years of collecting, I have never seen any hard proof that says this is the. Sportsmans Guide has your TAPCO SKS Railed Stock System available at a great price in our Stocks collection Numbers Matching Chinese SKS I got this rifle a few months ago now from a buddy of mine for 200 plus 60 rounds for 25. Join Date Mar 2007 Location The Old Dominion Finally all Paras are not Norinco and not all Chinese SKSs are made by Norinco. Ok now the. information. I need to dig my para out of the safe and see which type I have.. Not Chinese due to the difficulty of Dating them. if its not 26, could it be 216 ? see my list. below is. you cant date a chinese SKS that isnt from factory 26, all other chinese SKS falls into a. Keep it traditional or modernize it with the best parts and accessories available. Find everything you want to customize your SKS. SKS Magazines

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Ive got an opportunity to purchase either a Russian SKS or a Chinese SKS. Numbers match on both. Russian is 0 Chinese is 0. For an extra, I posted yesterday in the thread Dating the Chinese Triangle 26, but I realize now I might have better luck in this one.. I recently bought my first SKS---Norinco. Could anyone tell me the year of man of a Norinco SKS Sn 9211XXX ?. So my serial number starts with an 11 - so it is 1956 11 years or. It would have made life soooo much simpler if the Chinese just date stamped. thx for the replies and the welcomes) anyhow i dont think my SKS is Chinese. it has milled reciever and also what i think is Tula star with no. Dating. Chinese sks Type 56 Factory 306. In many. Manufacture date 1979 (best I can figure, Its hard to accurately date sks rifles). Chinese sks Type. SKS Rifle Forum. Albanian SKS, Russian SKS, Chinese SKS, Romanian SKS, SKS Rifle. SKS Rifles SKS. sks manufacture dating By coreyask1304,.

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